WW4 File: US Defense Secretary in Tokyo to meet Japanese counterpart, warns of war between Japan and Red China, affirms disputed Senkaku Islands “fall within scope” of 1960 US-Japan mutual cooperation treaty; Panetta’s next stop: Beijing; Belarus transfers ICBM launch vehicle technology to PRC

Global nuclear war as a result of a Tokyo-Beijing “dust up” is a distinct possibility, which may be why Belarus has transferred missile launch vehicle technology to Red China so the communists can hurl their biggest, MIRV-able ICBM, Dongfeng-41, at America. The independent Belarusian news site Charter 97 reports on the military cooperation between Minsk and Beijing:

And, what is important, the Belarusian prototype provides an opportunity to for the organization of production of its own eight-axle wheeled chassis (WS51200) in order to create a complete mobile platform for ‘Dongfeng-41,’ similar to PU Russian ‘Topol’ and ‘Yars.’ With the creation of this complex, China will be able to cover the whole territory of the U.S. with missiles.

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