USA File: Beijing-backed Biden/Harris regime, Democrats move forward with globalist/communist scheme to disarm Americans with FAKE POTUS Joe Biden “considering executive action on gun control,” WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki: “We are considering a range of levers, including working through legislation, including executive action. That has been under discussion and will continue to be under discussion”; Sen. Bob Menendez, Rep. Barbara Lee reintroduce bicameral bill to end NRA-backed ban on preservation and disclosure of gun records, Gun Records Restoration and Preservation Act would repeal Tiahrt Amendments, which prohibit FBI and ATF from collecting, preserving and disclosing gun records and gun-tracing data; cosponsored by Sens. Ed Markey, Dick Durbin, Richard Blumenthal, Chris Murphy, Cory Booker, Jack Reed and Kirsten Gillibrand; US Court of Appeals for 9th Circuit rules American have “no right” to carry firearm, openly or concealed, stunning ruling affects AK, HI, CA, AZ, OR, WA and MT; follows seven mass shootings in as many days, inc. pro-ISIS/anti-Trump Syria-born killer Ahmad Al-Issa in Boulder, CO

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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