Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Edmonton-area pastor James Coates released from max security prison after four-week stint, follows refusal to submit to bail conditions requiring him not to minister to his congregation; Crown prosecutors withdraw all but one charge, that of challenging essential lawfulness of Alberta’s public health orders, Coates must still attend May 3-5 trial (where he has every right to question constitutionality of province’s Public Health Act); Alberta’s ruling United Conservative Party relied heavily on Christian vote in 2019 election, media optics of Coates jailing, snowbird scandal lead to drop in public approval, Premier Jason Kenney faces party leadership review next year; Alberta socialist NDP boss Rachel Notley salivates over return to power, attacks coal industry; meanwhile Montreal police deploy tear gas to disperse large anti-lockdown protest on May 13, as many as 5000 citizens demand end to Quebec Premier Francois Legault’s COVID-19 restrictions, esp. 8 pm curfew; SPVM also harassing city’s Orthodox Jewish community, demand for medical exemption papers invokes specter of 1930s Nazi Germany

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Interesting how history repeats itself. Hitler accused the Jews of being carriers of tuberculosis, even though this idea was common in Europe at the time. Now both Jews and Christians in North America are accused of being carriers of COVID-19. Pastor Coates’ GraceLife Church near Edmonton has had no cases of COVID-19 whatsoever, but Alberta Health Services threw him in jail to bolster the official narrative, i.e., novel coronavirus is a rampaging disease (NOT). Just wait, the Chicoms will send something our way that will make COVID-19 look like the common cold.

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