USA File: Entire leadership of Nevada Democratic Party resigns after Democratic Socialists of America candi- dates seize control of party; party executive director Alana Mounce notifies newly elected replacement, Judith Whitmer, of her resignation; directors of party operations, research, communications and finance also step down after “NV Dems Progressive Slate,” backed by DSA and Left Caucus, wipe out Dems’ “Progressive Unity Slate” on March 6; Bernie Sanders ally Whitmer: “The goal obviously is still to elect Democrats, that will always be our goal, but it’s also our goal to bring more progressives into the fold and bring those progressive voices into the party”; AP editorializes: “It’s unlikely that Whitmer’s leadership will weaken the broader, vaunted political ‘Reid Machine’ or the 2022 reelection prospects of Nevada’s U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, three Democrats in the U.S. House and the state’s Democratic governor. It seems likely [former Senate Majority Leader Harry] Reid and other establishment politicians may move to work outside the party structure to raise money, recruit candidates and run voter outreach”

source 1 source 2

The multi-decade communist takeover of the Democratic Party–currently under the administration of FAKE President “China” Joe–proceeds apace and openly . . .

The US Dems look more and more like the New Democratic Party (NDP) here in Canada. The NDP presently has a majority government in British Columbia and, even though Premier Horgan has lifted the pandemic lockdown in that province, continues, with typical socialist animosity, to shutter BC churches.

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