Red World Order File: Globalist/communist-backed Biden/Harris regime in USA and Trudeau regime in Canada working in concert to roll out World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” by: 1) distributing unsafe mRNA-based COVID-19 “vaccines” (in reality, gene therapy delivery systems), leading to deaths of numerous seniors and injury of health care workers; 2) waging economic warfare against capitalism and energy independence by imposing Beijing-inspired lockdowns on society, scrapping Keystone XL pipeline, etc.; 3) attacking constitutional rights of citizens by cracking down on anti-lockdown protests (as in Canada), banning words anathema to CCP-loving Tech Giants and LGBQT Leninists (as in USA) e.g., “China virus,” “mother,” “father,” “son,” “daughter,” etc.; meanwhile, energy-rich Texas and Alberta rebel against globalists’ “green” policies, move ahead with secession, Texas previously sovereign nation (1836-1846), state law- maker Kyle Biedermann introduces bill to let citizens vote on seceding; Western alienation simmering in “Canada’s Texas” since PM Pierre Trudeau (reputed father of current PM, Justin Castro) in early 1980s, 36% of Albertans favor secession, Wildrose Independence Party holds founding convention

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Over the past year, Canada has rather shockingly slid into a “Covid communist” dictatorship (like the UK, Australia and New Zealand). While Democrat-run states in the USA are now (not so coincidentally) lifting pandemic lockdowns following the installation of Red Chinese assets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House, Canada is still inexplicably under lockdown. The novel coronavirus is apparently devastating the Canadian population (NOT).

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