Red World Order File: Demise of American Republic complete as last bastion of institutional patriotism–US military–falls to forces of globalism/communism, Joint Chiefs of Staff endorse and National Guard protects inaugural ceremony of fraudulently elected Red Chinese assets Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; meanwhile President Trump, elected to second term, delivers final off-script speech at Joint Base Andrews, family present, departure ceremony incs. 21-gun salute and band; while still officially POTUS, Trump boards AF1 with First Lady Melania, destination Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida; VP Mike Pence skips event, plans to attend illegitimate swearing in of Biden/Harris cabal; WSJ claims Trump planning to start new “Patriot Party” in wake of GOP’s abysmal failure to challenge systemic Democrat vote fraud; geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist comments: “Meanwhile, the government [Biden/Harris regime] can mass all the troops they want in the capital, as a show of force. The American people are not threatening them. The real threat is a nuclear bomb from China, or Russia, or North Korea, or Iran. But even as our new rulers glower at America’s patriots, they will be clinking glasses with the Chinese. This we can count on”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

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