USA File: Gun-toting protesters associated with anarchist “boogaloo” movement, inc. “liberty boys,” start arriving at state capitols on Sunday morning per FBI bulletin as patriots fear globalist/ communist-orchestrated false flags designed to challenge and/or discredit MAGA movement, 25,000 National Guard, plus thousands of Secret Service, DC and Capitol police, transform Washington DC into militarized camp, ostensibly to protect inauguration of fraudulently elected Red Chinese asset Joe Biden; leftist Vox stunned by massive military turnout: “And so far, nobody . . . has provided a clear reason for why such a huge force is necessary to secure the nation’s capital”; governors deploy National Guard and state troopers to secure statehouses as capitols of Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon and Texas targeted; participants in Columbus demo admit: “We are not a pro-Trump group,” “We are out here support- ing the local BLM scene”; warn: “Proud Boys do not come here”; boogaloo member outside statehouse in Lansing: “If you continue to oppress the American people, they will remain rational no longer”; meanwhile DNI John Ratcliffe in Jan. 7 letter to Congress claims Red China interfered in 2020 election, info suppressed by CIA’s Deep State management

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