USA File: NORAD to conduct Falcon Virgo, routine air defense exercise, in skies over Washington DC on Jan. 14-15 as patriots hope President Trump still “playing 4D chess” against enemies of American Republic in final week of term, plans 11th-hour arrest of Deep State traitors and seditionists before Red Chinese asset Joe Biden installed as successor; patriots observe: 1) POTUS urged supporters to attend MAGA rallies in DC on Jan. 6, date of Congress’ certification of fraudulent presidential election results; 2) urged 10,000s of MAGA supporters to peacefully march to Capitol Hill, thereby providing cover for covert special forces insertion, raid on House Speaker Pelosi’s office, no doubt possessed intel that Democrats and Antifa planned to incite patriots to breach Capitol Building; 3) signed state of emergency for DC (atop Mayor Muriel Bowser’s) from Jan. 11-24, authorize DHS and FEMA to assist city in “any emergency response”; 4) freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) plans to introduce articles of impeachment against Biden, over abuse of power, on Jan. 21; patriots believe POTUS will imminently invoke Insurrection Act (1807), which will federalize 15,000 National Guard troops deployed throughout DC (with approval of globalist/communist forces backing Congress), transferring command from state governors to White House and facilitating mass arrests

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

We can only hope (and pray) that this is the correct scenario . . .

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