USA File: Leftist agents provocateur infiltrate massive patriot protest on Capitol Hill during Electoral College vote certification, incite Trump supporters to storm Capitol Building, designed to tarnish Trump Admin, vindicate Beijing-backed Biden/Harris cabal; Paul Sperry tweets: “Former FBI agent on the ground at U.S. Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least 1 ‘bus load’ of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false Trump flag ops”; “[T]he storming of the Capitol Building was initiated by left-wing provocateurs who met with Capitol Police yesterday and planned the event. A photo has emerged of the “Viking” individual who led the storming action today . . . This same person — wearing the same outfit [with horns] and nearly identical face paint — was also reportedly spotted at a BLM rally earlier this year”; “A flyer has also emerged that calls upon Antifa to dress up like MAGA supporters in order to impersonate them while instigating violence”; InfoWars: Congress secretly debating 25th amendment removal of POTUS, Sen. Schumer’s security “executed” MAGA supporter Ashli Babbit; Twitter locks POTUS’ account for 12 hours

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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