Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Parliament votes to investigate Trudeau regime’s response to COVID-19 pandemic, inc. border closures and travel restrictions; Conservatives secure support of socialist NDP, separatist Bloc Quebecois and Greens, expose Trudeau’s collusion with vaccine industry as Big Pharma urges lawmakers to redact “commercially sensitive info”; follows failed House of Commons vote, in which socialists curry favor of ruling Liberals, block formation of anti-corruption committee that would probe Trudeau family’s role in WE Charity scandal; meanwhile center-right Saskatchewan Party secures historic fourth majority mandate, trounces NDP in prairie province’s two urban centers even as British Columbia’s socialists emerge with squeaky-clean image after 3-1/2 year coalition with Greens, form solid majority, changing demographics in Lower Mainland’s Fraser Valley transform “Bible Belt” to new support base for socialism; BC Liberals (unrelated to federal party) inherited right-wing Social Credit dynasty in 1991, lose vote share in every region of province; entire “Left Coast” of North America, from San Diego, CA to Prince Rupert, BC, poised to roll out red carpet for Red Chinese troops

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