Useful Idiots Bin: “Massive trove of data” recovered from laptop dropped off at Delaware computer shop in April 2019 poised to torpedo Biden/Harris ticket’s pathetic bid to take White House for Democratic Party, FBI seizes laptop last Dec. but not before copy of hard drive finds its way into hands of Rudy Giuliani; Trump ally provided New York Post with copy on Oct. 11, news- paper’s Twitter account suspended after publishing email showing Hunter introduced his father, then VPOTUS, to top exec at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma less than one year before elder Biden pressured Kiev into firing prosecutor, email counters Joe’s professed ignorance of son’s business activities; GOP-run Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Cmte. probing Biden family corruption since 2019, examining contents of laptop; device also contains Epstein-level videos of Hunter sex acts, inc. shocking footage of Hunter abusing Chinese teens, Mandarin-speaking whistleblower “Lude” describes abuse as “extreme” (i.e., rape), alleges CPC officials recorded Hunter’s perversions, former PRC president Jiang Zemin (94) and two other retired Chicoms sent incriminating hard drives to DOJ and Nancy Pelosi, confirming original NYP report

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Hunter sex videos = Chicom version of kompromat

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