WW4 File: Armenian FM Zohrab Mnatsakanyan holds phone conversation with CSTO Sec.-Gen. Stanislav Zas on Oct. 15, discusses “current situation in the Nagorno Karabakh conflict zone caused by the massive aggres- sion of Azerbaijan,” reaffirms commitment to cease-fire brokered by Moscow on Oct. 10, points out Azerbaijan’s violations even as Baku rejects Yerevan’s claims Azeri armed forces mistreating ethnic Armenian POWs from beleaguered enclave; meanwhile Russian Navy’s Caspian Sea Flotilla carries out exercise N. of Absheron peninsula, where Baku is located, maneuver incs. six ships, seven planes and more than 400 servicemen, involves artillery and rocket fire; Turkey, which has called for Armenia’s withdrawal from occupied districts of Azerbaijan, condemns Yerevan for alleged missile attack against Ordubad region of Nakhchivan, Azeri exclave wedged between Armenia, Iran and Turkey, hosts Turkish-built TRG-300 Tiger MLRS that can outflank Armenian military; Ankara: “Armenia needs to give up on these dangerous provocations”; NATO member Turkey closes its airspace to humanitarian flights bound for Armenia, while Turkish air defenses near Black Sea city of Sinop test-launch Russian-built S-400 anti-missile battery, drawing “strong warning” from USA

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Russia and Turkey are historic rivals but this has not stopped Ankara from upgrading its military with Russian-built weapon systems. 

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