Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Pres. of Americans for Intel Reform alleges declassified docs will implicate PM Trudeau and ex-chief of RCMP intel unit–awaiting trial for espionage–in ex-CIA dir. John Brennan’s plot to unseat Pres. Trump, divert attention from Hillary email scandal via Russia collusion hoax; Trudeau’s lackey media admits only that disgraced Mountie spied for “foreign entity or terrorist org,” but Brad Johnson says Cameron Ortis also connived with Red China; meanwhile failed Tory leadership candidate accuses Trudeau of staging “socialist coup,” COVID-19 restrictions and universal basic income key elements, Leslyn Lewis: “Canada is quietly going through a social- ist coup. If I had written these words just one year ago, it would have been deemed conspiratorial”; Trudeau regime likely to be emboldened by Biden/Harris victory (real or fraudulent) in US election, orders 36,000 canisters of tear gas for riot control; Ontario lawmaker Randy Hillier grills lockdown-happy, faux-populist Premier Doug Ford over extent of his complic- ity with Trudeau on expansion of isolation/quarantine camp network across Canada, Trudeau Liberals currently running 11 pandemic detention sites, plan on building 10 more for “other requirements”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Canadian citizen journalist Laura-Lynn Thompson interviews Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier on Trudeau regime’s plan to expand “isolation/quarantine” (concentration?) camp network across country (video)

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