Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Alt-media revives reports of Red Chinese troops training on small island off Canada’s West Coast, video taken by local and second eyewitness confirm that about 50 Asian-looking men and women in combat uniforms and boots, but seemingly unarmed, were seen marching along rural road on Salt Spring Island, B.C. in March 2018; pics secured by CTV News suggest “soldiers” possibly PRC civilians attending self-improvement boot camp at island’s remote Mineral Springs Resort, operated by CreateAbundance Int’l Institute Inc., aka Golden Touch (GT); GT originated in Red China, caters to Chinese clientele seeking “spiritual and financial prosperity,” est. Canadian HQ at upscale residence in Metro Vancouver in 2014, Red China’s press has denounced GT as pyramid scheme but NO OFFICIAL CRACKDOWN on org’s 45 “learning centers” across PRC; PLOT TWIST: GT employee, PRC citizen, Vancouver resident Bo Fan MURDERED in June 2020, Fan dropped off at hospital with “extensive and serious” injuries, expired hours later, death ruled homicide; Vancouver detective Sgt. Frank Jang says Fan’s family “cooperative” but potential witnesses fled Canada; Canadian right-wing website: “Create Abundance has been accused of fraud and occultism in parts of China since 2016, which could be nothing but a clever ploy to distance the Chinese government from the company”

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