USA File: Antifa/Black Lives Matter insurrection in Portland, Seattle, Chicago and other cities obvious attempt by globalist-backed, communist-infiltrated Democrat Party to portray President Trump as “fascist dictator” ahead of Nov. election, force White House to adopt heavy-handed measures to end two months of rioting, looting and arson; DOJ launches Op Legend to combat violent crime, DHS, FBI, DEA, ATF and US Marshals deployed nationwide, POTUS tweets: “The Radical Left Democrats, who totally control [Joe] Biden, will destroy our Country as we know it . . . Look at Portland, where the pols are just fine with 50 days of anarchy . . .”; 2,000 protesters besiege Portland Police Bureau on night of July 20, follows federal crackdown against agitators attacking Hatfield Federal Courthouse, renewed protests against ICE in Seattle on July 19, result in 12 police injured, trail of damaged businesses inc. Starbucks and Amazon; Chicago braces for arrival of 150 federal agents as Mayor Lori Lightfoot admits “organized mob” hijacked “peaceful protest” against Christopher Columbus statue: “[T]hese people . . . kneeling down, dressing in all black, with goggles, forming a phalanx with umbrellas, and with shields around them, and then pummeling the police with . . . frozen water bottles, cans, other projectiles”

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