WW4 File: US Navy destroyer Ralph Johnson sails past contested Spratly Islands in S. China Sea, Pentagon releases statement in line with recent remarks by US Sec. of State Mike Pompeo: “This freedom of navigation operation upheld the rights, freedoms, and lawful uses of the sea recognized in international law . . . Unlawful and sweeping maritime claims in the South China Sea pose a serious threat to the freedom of the seas”; Reagan and Nimitz carrier strike groups already sailing in region in bold rejection of Red China’s claims over international waters, follows new round of White House sanctions that target communist officials infring- ing on Hong Kong autonomy, President Trump signs executive order terminating HK’s preferential trading status; Beijing vows counter-sanctions; meanwhile Republic of China Armed Forces hold second large-scale drill in as many weeks, annual exercise Han Kuang takes place on coastal strip near Taichung, 8,000 troops simulate repelling communist invasion from mainland, navy fires heavyweight SUT torpedoes for first time in 13 years, Taiwan’s Pres. Tsai Ing-wen, who opposes unification with Red China: “As I have said, national security does not rely on bowing and scraping but on solid national defence. All our officers and soldiers are the core of that”

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