Communism with Canadian Characteristics: RCMP arrests unemployed reservist soldier on grounds of Rideau Cottage early morning on July 2, Canadian Ranger Corey Hurren armed with rifle and two shotguns, rammed pick-up truck through gates, “wanted to speak with prime minister,” Justin Trudeau not present at temporary Ottawa residence; meanwhile retired Mississauga, ON firefigher Norman Traversy addresses 1,500 patriots at Canada Day rally on Parlia- ment Hill (where Trudeau Liberals have suspended national legislature for more than six months “due to COVID- 19”), leads march to US embassy where he delivers 192-page doc to diplomatic staff, with request for Presidents Trump and López Obrador to investigate corruption of Trudeau regime, inc. child trafficking, USMCA (“NAFTA 2.0”) comes into effect on July 1, Sec. 27 allows each country in economic pact to impose tariffs if other governments corrupt; Traversy frus- trated by RCMP inaction, launched private prosecution last Sept. against Trudeau for alleged obstruction of justice role in SNC-Lavalin affair, court stayed case for supposed “lack of evidence”; People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier speaks at rally, later tweets: “Let’s stop apologizing for our past and for who we are and let’s celebrate with pride”

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Canadian Rangers

Norman Traversy’s letter to Trump and AMLO, inc. references to child trafficking

US Embassy in Ottawa acknowledges receipt of Traversy letter

AMLO to visit Washington DC on July 8

Nice to see strong turnout of patriots from Quebec. “QAnon” followers at Ottawa rally/march duly noted . . .

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