WW4 File: Trump Admin’s rhetoric against Red China combative as growing number of American children and teens contract mysterious disease apparently related to PLA bioweapon known as COVID-19, spin-off illness dubbed “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome”; 85 cases identified nationwide but now New York State alone reports 93 with five deaths, largest numbers in country as with COVID-19 cases overall; common symptoms inc. abdominal pain and diarrhea, but also fever and rash, first cases reported in London but also observed in EU and Canada; meanwhile top Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro appears on Fox & Friends on May 11, rumbles: “We are at war, make no mistake about that. The Chinese unleashed a virus on the world”; CNBC interview: “A bill has to come due for China. It’s not a question of punishing them, it’s a question of holding China accountable, the Chinese Communist Party accountable. They inflicted tremen-dous damage on the world which is still ongoing”; follows May 6 comments from President Trump in which he described COVID-19 as biological “attack” worse than “Pearl Harbor” and “911”

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