WW 4 File: Communist China has effectively declared war against its own citizens as well as MANKIND in releasing COVID-19 bioweapon, Russian politicians promote Beijing line, accuse USA of creating virus to “destabilize” PRC, “generate huge profits for American pharmaceutical companies,” when, in reality, USA acquires 80% of its medicine from Red China; fake- stream media still pushing narrative COVID-19 originated from bats, but scientific studies published in The Lancet, Science, Antiviral Research and bioRxiv demonstrate NOVEL CORONAVIRUS OPTIMIZED TO ATTACK HUMAN CELLS; quarantines, lockdowns and closures to combat pandemic not only in effect in PRC, but also ITALY, Russia, Iran, Vietnam and South Korea; ROK grappling with largest infection cluster outside PRC (204 as of Feb. 21), declares cities of Daegu and Cheongdo “special care zones,” 1000s of soldiers in ROK and PRC, 59 HK police under quarantine; CDC urges US hospitals to brace for “1000s” of cases over next few weeks, top org official Dr. Anne Schuchat: “This is the time to open up your pandemic plans and see that things are in order”; NYU Langone Health designates COVID-19 “level 1” emergency; 7,000 Americans who recently visited PRC in voluntary self-isolation, subject to monitoring but NO TESTING

COVID-19 will become the latest globalist/communist counter-thrust against the Trump Admin . . .

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Scientific articles on COVID-19:

source 11 source 12 source 13 source 14 source 15


Italy’s Lombardy region orders closures after COVID-19 cases quadruple, 250 people quarantined

Canadian woman contracts COVID-19 while visiting IRAN

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