End Times File: Macau’s chief executive Ho lat-seng responds to novel coronavirus pandemic, orders two-week closure of all casinos, suspends all public services except emergency ones, scales back public transit across SAR; Macau confirms 10 cases of deadly 2019_nCoV, even as 9,000 hospital workers in nearby Hong Kong enter second day of strike, protest chief executive Carrie Lam’s refusal to completely shut down ports of entry between SAR and Mainland China; communist-run Global Times reports total number of infected persons in Red China at 20,438, death toll at 425 as of Feb. 4, alt-media suspects actual numbers of infected and casualties for apparent PLA-concocted bioweapon MUCH higher, cites reports of unidentified bodies dumped off at Wuhan crematoria; first two nCoV-related deaths outside Mainland China reported in Philippines and HK; San Benito County, CA couple previously stricken with novel coronavirus trans- ported to UCSF Medical Center AFTER CONDITION WORSENS, 11 confirmed cases in USA as Pentagon, acting on request from US Dept. of Health and Human Services, authorizes use of military sites to quarantine up to 1,000 Americans repatriated from Red China; Moscow airlifts 130 Russian nationals from Hubei province, vows to deport infected foreigners, suspends direct flights and rail service to PRC

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