End Times File: Red China’s Premier Li arrives in Wuhan on Jan. 26, assumes control over coronavirus outbreak management, Wuhan mayor takes flak for Communist Party, offers to resign over slow first response to health crisis, PRC’s National Health Commission releases official 2019_nCoV stats for Jan. 28: 106 deaths, 4,583 cases of infected people; social media posts from persons purporting to be frontline medical staff in Hubei province assert 90,000 or more cases of infection; first human-to-human transmission of 2019_nCoV confirmed in Europe, German man infected by coworker who recently visited family in Wuhan; meanwhile desert locust infestation of Biblical proportions overcomes Kenya as (literally) hundreds of millions of hungry insects devour crops across 172,973 acres of farmland, head to Uganda to wreak more damage, Kenyan farmer Ndunda Makanga: “Even cows are wondering what is happening. Corn, sorghum, cowpeas, they have eaten everything”; US President Donald Trump hosts Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and latter’s chief political rival Benny Gantz at White House on Mon., promises to release details of long-awaited Middle East peace plan (Dan. 9:27?), Trump facing Senate impeachment trial while Netanyahu faces corruption charges back home and Palestinians protest “deal of the century”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

If the Lancet journal is correct and 2019_nCoV has a 15% kill rate, then of the 4,583 confirmed infection cases in Red China at least 687 will die.

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