End Times File: Beijing blocks foreign countries from airlifting diplomatic staff, civilians from coronavirus-stricken city of Wuhan, USA and UK planning such repatriation ops; also imposes lockdown on 16 cities around Wuhan, cuts off air, rail and road travel to quarantined areas, restricting movement of more than 50 million people, temporarily bans sale of wildlife in markets, restaurants and e-commerce platforms; Prof. Gabriel Leung, Dean of Univ. of Hong Kong’s Medical School, says number of novel coronavirus-infected persons in Red China could be 30 times amount admitted by communist officials, 44,000 in epicenter Wuhan alone, 2019-nCoV incubates up to 2 weeks before symptoms show, e.g. respiratory distress; Leung: “We have to be prepared that this particular epidemic may be about to become a global epidemic”; meanwhile HK government closes schools for 2 weeks and bars residents of Hubei province from entering SAR, follows torching of public housing block by protesters opposed to use of structure as quarantine facility; some news sites speculate 2019-nCoV could be product of Red China’s suspected covert biowarfare program, PRC’s most advanced virus research lab is National Biosafety Lab at Wuhan Institute of Virology, “wet market” origin of 2019-nCoV possible regime cover story

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