End Times File: Red China’s Premier Li Keqiang to head “high-level group” to fight coronavirus epidemic that has killed 80 people and infected at least 2,400 others, Wuhan mayor admits 5 million people fled city shortly before officials blocked land routes, 9 million remain under quarantine; “ground zero” of deadly flu traced to open-air market where exotic live animals sold and slaughtered for human consumption; Ma Xiaowei, minister for PRC’s National Health Commission: “There are signs showing the virus is becoming more trans- missible. These walking ‘contagious agents’ make controlling the outbreak a lot more difficult”; Ma says 2,360 military and civilian doctors and nurses have been deployed to Wuhan to augment current medical staff, 2,400 hospital beds added to facilities in Wuhan, another 5,000 to be added over the next three days; Gao Fu, head of Red China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention: “There are trends for an epidemic cycle. It is still growing”; Wang Jiangping, PRC vice-minister of industry and IT, reported that his country has capacity to produce max. of 30,000 protective outfits per day, but this is less than one third of amount needed in Hubei province; meanwhile fifth confirmed corona- virus case found in USA, Maricopa County, AZ resident joins four other infected persons in Seattle, Chicago and Orange County, CA; Health Ranger Mike Adams quotes Lancet medical journal, says coronavirus has 15% kill rate, could be Red Chinese bioweapon gone awry

source 1 source 2 source 3

Mainland China’s communist overlords are only just now owning up to the true magnitude of this potentially global disaster . . .

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