USA File: Virginia Senate passes bills banning multiple gun purchases per month, mandating background checks, and compelling local governments to ban guns at public events; majority Democrat senators discard bill that would have banned AR-15 “assault” rifles after well-attended National Rifle Assoc. rally in Richmond on Jan. 13; meanwhile Gov. Ralph (“King”) Northam (over-)reacts to arrest of six members of neo-Nazi org “The Base,” orders barriers placed around Capitol Bldg., city police and state troopers to augment capitol force during 2A rally planned for Jan. 20, emergency declaration forbids rally participants to carry firearms; 90% of Virginia counties declare themselves “2A Sanctuaries” since Nov., Tazewell County also officially endorses formation of militia to oppose Richmond; Jerry Falwell Jr., Trump-supporting evangelical leader, urges “civil disobedience” if Virginia Dems enact gun-control bills; West Virginia Legislature introduces bill inviting constitutionally minded counties in “mother state” to secede and join Charleston; gun owners fear Deep State operatives may stage provocation during Jan. 20 rally, paint loyal Americans as “terrorists” even as Bernie Sanders field organizer Kyle Jurek urges fellow commies to “burn down cities,” mass murder and incarcerate patriots in “gulags” if POTUS re-elected

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American Civil War 2 is moving closer to the kinetic stage in Virginia as REAL Americans oppose “King” Northam’s assault on the Second Amendment. The histrionics emanating from Richmond over the Virginia Citizens’ Defense League’s planned Jan. 20 pro-gun rally is just another attempt by the Left to conflate patriotic Americans with the neo-Nazi movement. That Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, which is based in Lynchburg, VA, would urge civil disobedience against pending gun control laws in his state is not surprising. Anti-Christian bigotry is on the rise in America and, in their quest to seize power, hard-core commies like Kyle Jurek would not hesitate to kill patriotic religious folk.

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