Event Convergence Alert: Patriots fear Deep State false flag to coincide with 2A rally to take place in Richmond, VA on Jan. 20, thousands expected to converge on state capitol, defy Gov. Northam’s planned gun-control measures, EO forbidding firearms at demo; “pro-gun” elements of Antifa to also show up at rally, possibly stage provocation; Trump Admin appears to counter possible globalist plot as Carrier Strike Group Four jams GPS signals along East Coast between Jan. 16-24; FAA warns pilots that navigation service will fail periodically during this period, also declares airspace over Richmond “National Defense Airspace” until after Jan. 20, NOTAM forbids all drone flights even as Air Force Special Ops Command U-28A surveillance aircraft circles state capitol; meanwhile Nebraska lawmakers, like Kansas counterparts, apparently received secret briefings from DHS, signed non-disclosure agreements, no MSM coverage; briefings in Topeka and Lincoln possibly related to mysterious drones conducting night-time flights over rural portions of Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming since last Nov.

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6

Previous Event Convergence Alert

AFSOC U-28A Light Surveillance Aircraft

Richmond, VA: Flashpoint for showdown between Trump Admin and Deep State?

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