USSR2 File: Russian PM Medvedev and entire cabinet resign in response to President Putin’s State of Nation address to parliament, announcement of constitutional changes; Putin slides fellow ex-communist Medvedev over to post of dep. head of Security Council, appoints faceless functionary Mikhail Mishustin, head of Federal Tax Service, to Medvedev’s old role; potemkin United Russia party ratifies cabinet shake-up but Communist faction abstains from vote, long-time party boss Gennady Zyuganov makes candid admission: “Given that our demands for the resignation of the government and constitutional amendments in favor of increasing control over the legislative executive branch have been fulfilled, we will abstain from voting for and against, but we will see in the near future what program and composition of the team Mishustin and the president will offer”; Putin holding at 64% public approval rating, possibly eyeing resumption of prime ministerial duties after he is constitutionally required to step down as president in 2024, proposed reforms include greater role for parliament and State Council, somewhat smaller role for presidency; Mishustin 35-years-old when Soviet Union collapsed, presumably ex-cadre of Komsomol (at very least)

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

Moscow Leninists following decades-old script for world domination. Implement mini-perestroika to keep Putin in position of visible leadership . . .

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