EU File: English hotel owner flies “QAnon” flag over picturesque Camelot Castle in Tintagel, Cornwall, sparks mockery from leftist Guardian newspaper, John Mappin fan of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage, takes suspicious view of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s departure from Royal Family, suggests Deep State will “weaponize” Duke and Duchess of Sussex against Trump Admin; British-American couple’s close friendship to Clintons noteworthy, retains PR services of Sara Latham, HRC’s ex-senior campaign advisor and John Podesta’s ex-chief of staff; Hillary travelled to UK last Nov., held secret meeting with Meghan; Sussexes’ possible relocation to Vancouver Island sparks controversy as Canadian billionaire, Clinton pal Frank Giustra denies offering mansion to royal expats, even as PM Justin Trudeau floats possibility of picking up royals’ security tab; meanwhile British MEPs to attend their last meeting of European Parliament next week, UKIP/Brexit Party founder Farage refuses £153,000 severance package ahead of EU withdrawal on Jan. 31, tweets: “We have just had our Union Jack flags removed from our desks in the European Parliament, by order of the President [i.e., David Sassoli, member of Italy’s center-left Democratic Party]. National symbols are now banned. Thank god we are leaving”

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Intriguing. Bill Clinton. John Podesta. Frank Giustra. Justin Trudeau (AND father Pierre, d. 2000). Prince Andrew (Harry’s uncle). What a cast of unsavory characters. Allegations of pedophilia (and worse) have swirled around all of these globalist shills . . . Bill and Andrew are also tainted by their association with suspected Mossad/Agaf HaModi’in agents Jeffrey Epstein (dead, but possibly in witness protection) and Ghislaine Maxwell (in hiding).

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