MENA File: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wraps up two-week Costa Rica vacation, urges “thorough investigation” of demise of 176 passengers and crew of Ukrainian Int’l Airlines Flight 752, including 63 Canadians, 138 passengers connecting to Canada, offers neutral response to reporter’s question on Soleimani assassination; US officials believe Russian-built Tor-M1 missile targeted Kiev-bound aircraft shortly after take-off from Imam Khomeini Int’l Airport early morning Jan. 7, Iran’s air defenses presumably shot down airliner in wake of missile attack against Iraqi bases housing US, Canadian and other anti-ISIS coalition troops about six hours before, Newsweek cites Pentagon official, senior US intel official and Iraqi intel official; clues include videos posted to social media showing mid-air explosion, pilots transmitted no distress calls; Iranian authorities recover plane’s black box but refuse to allow Western counterparts to examine device; meanwhile Tobruk-based Libyan National Air Force bombs Turkish Army engineering unit, ammo dump near Tripoli, rebel cmdr. Haftar rejects calls for cease-fire from Moscow and Ankara, Pres. Erdogan says force deployment designed to est. peace between Libya’s rival factions

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So, Iran kills 63 Canadian citizens and Jihadi Justin snuggles up to the Ayatollah by refusing to back Trump on rubbing out arch-terrorist Soleimani . . . What else would you expect from the son of commie-lovin’ Fabian socialist Pierre Trudeau. Canada’s Boy Wonder is sporting a “manly” beard these days. However, perhaps he should consider moving to, rather than simply visiting, Costa Rica. At least he would cause less embarrassment to his homeland . . .

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