Useful Idiots Bin: Jeffrey Epstein’s VIP child sex ring possibly largest source of kompromat in recent history as Amy Robach, Good Morning America co-host, admits Disney-owned ABC News quashed her 2016 interview with alleged abuse victim Virginia Roberts amid HRC’s bid for White House, Buckingham Palace also learned of Roberts interview, damaging implications for Prince Andrew, threatened Robach “a million ways”; Disney company not only haven for pedophiles, but also Disney Cruises conducts “snorkeling expeditions” to Epstein’s notorious Little St. James Island in USVI (!); meanwhile ex-US Marine, Palm Beach County cop granted asylum in Russia in 2016 claims DNC staffer Seth Rich gave him thumb drive with stolen DNC emails; John Mark Dougan (42) set up DCLeaks website after arriving in Moscow, even though Mueller Report identifies Russian GRU as website creator; Dougan also claims he received 700 Epstein blackmail videos from Joe Recarey, lead Palm Beach PD detective on original Epstein abuse case; Dougan says he “forget all about the videos” until Sep. 21, 2019 Times article about Prince Andrew, hid copy of Epstein hard drive 100s of miles from Moscow, distributed 10 more copies worldwide; swears: “I’m not a Kremlin agent and I did not share any materials with the Russian Government. I don’t intend to blackmail anyone . . .”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 (Captain Nautica’s Snorkeling Expedition)

source 6 source 7 source 8 source 9 source 10

There is no way Dougan is NOT under the control of the FSB, wittingly or not, whether he really has 700 Epstein blackmail videos or not. The Border Guard Service of the FSB determines who enters and leaves Russia. Vladimir Putin, in turn, controls the FSB. The Kremlin-run media, moreover, has published Dougan’s story so Putin would be well briefed on Dougan’s claims. If the former US Marine is, in fact, in possession of this kompromat, then Putin could wield serious leverage over Western elite.

Incidentally, Dougan is not the first former US Marine to defect to Russia . . .

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