Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Formation of second Liberal government in Ottawa breathes new life into Western separatism as poll shows 33% of Albertans, 27% of Saskatchewanians support secession from “Confederation”; 750 supporters attend “Wexit” rally at Edmonton venue, largest such rally since Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Policy enraged Albertans 40 years ago; Justin follows in dad’s footsteps, O&G giant Encana flees federal carbon tax, shuts down Calgary HQ and sets up shop in USA; VoteWexit Facebook site pulls in more than 250,000 members, Wexit Alberta leader Peter Downing files for federal party status, defends display of upside-down Maple Leaf flag at meeting: “A lot of people have been hanging the flag upside down. I’m not going to censor them . . . The Tories [Conservatives] will never rule Canada again. This is Jason Kenney’s chance to be the first president of Alberta”; Downing urges Alberta’s premier “to legislate a referendum on Alberta’s separation from Canada,” sever contract with RCMP, withdraw from federal Employment Insurance program; globalist trolls take to social media, denounce Western separatists as “#Rednexit,” “clowns,” “deplorables,” “criminals”

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5 source 6 source 7

How the West was lost . . . in Canada.

US patriots: Prepare for the rise of four new countries to the north of your Lower 48: Dominion of Western Canada (probably with the Arctic territories), Dominion of Ontario, Republic of Quebec, and Dominion of Atlantic Canada. If Western Canada, Ontario and/or Atlantic Canada abolish the Crown, then substitute “republic” for “dominion.”

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