Communism with Canadian Characteristics: PM Justin Trudeau walking in dictatorial footsteps of dad Pierre, sends lawyers from federal Dept. of Justice and private law firm Borden Ladner Gervais to shut down independent media, overturn emergency court order won by Calgary-based Rebel News to cover national leaders’ debates; Ezra Levant’s journalism team provides sympathetic coverage of nationalist-populist movements, Western Canadian separatism, rejected Trudeau’s $600 million bail out (i.e., bribe) for Canada’s MSM; Liberal Party’s minority government election “victory” on Oct. 21 heavily dependent on Islamic vote in S. Ontario, 10 self-avowed Muslims elected on Liberal ticket to House of Commons from ridings in Toronto and environs, voter fraud widely suspected as Elections Canada mails out voter registration cards to 103,000 non-citizens; Derek Fildebrandt, former leader of Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, relaunches Western Standard, online mag leads charge for Western secession, Alberta Independence Party evaluates disastrous results of federal election for Western freedom and prosperity, calls for merger with Freedom Conservatives; ex-Harper cabinet minister Jay Hill urges Alberta and Saskatchewan to hold referenda on secession: “Premiers [Jason] Kenney and [Scott] Moe should have been prepared to table legislation to trigger an independence referendum in the worst case that Trudeau was re-elected”

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