Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Radical left moves to silence incipient nationalist movement as 100 Antifa cadres descend upon Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario on Sept. 29, block access to People’s Party (PPC) fundraising event hosted by party leader Maxime Bernier and featuring American libertarian commentator Dave Rubin; anarcho-communists intimidate attendees, grab Canadian flag from Bernier supporter, shout profanities and chant “Nazi scum! Off our streets!” at senior couple trying to enter venue; police arrest four Antifa thugs, Bernier later tweets: ”The most frightening [thing] is that their extremist, Far Left ideology is now tacitly supported by many in academia, the media, activist organizations, and politics. Our democracy is in danger”; Bernier accused of breaking election law by accepting Rubin’s offer to cover additional security costs billed to PPC by college; ad company owned by Canadian billionaire Jim Pattison succumbs to complaints, removes “offensive” PPC election billboards decrying mass immigration; national leaders’ debate commissioner reverses earlier decision, invites Bernier to attend televised candidates forum on Oct. 7 (English) and 11 (French), even as socialist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh laments decision, accuses PPC of “hateful and divisive message”

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Five decades of Liberal government policies — ineffectively countered by several intervening Conservative governments — have cowed millions of Canadians into submission to the leftist-globalist agenda . . .

The People’s Party of Canada has a far stronger message than that of the Conservatives. However, if patriotic Canadians decide to vote in droves for the PPC, they risk splitting the Right and, in spite of its scandal-plagued leader Justin Trudeau, ushering in another Liberal government . . .

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