Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Ruling party election campaign in disarray as Liberals rocked by yet another Trudeau scandal, PM’s racist past exposed as three instances of Justin wearing brown/ blackface surface over last 24 hours; Time publishes first pic showing Justin dressed as Aladdin at “Arabian Nights”-themed gala held by his former employer (1999-2001), private school in Vancouver’s toney West Point Grey district; National Council of Canadian Muslims calls on country’s “hipster” PM to apologize, Trudeau splutters: “I should have known better but I didn’t and I’m really sorry”; second pic shows young Trudeau sporting blackface in high school talent contest, while video reveals Justin in blackface at unknown event in early 1990s, aping camera; leader of socialist NDP Jagmeet Singh rebukes Trudeau: “This is someone who . . . has hurt a lot of Canadians with this”; meanwhile disgraced head of RCMP intel unit Cameron Ortis awaiting trial, refusing to cooperate with former colleagues over charges of espionage, Communications Security Establishment says potential damage to national security “high”; Ortis oversaw probe into Russian money laundering, secretly communicated with criminal owner of Phantom Secure, saddled with C$90K personal debt, possible MO to sell state secrets

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Late-breaking news reveals that the Conservative Party of Canada leaked the initial pic of Trudeau in brownface while attending 2001 gala at West Point Grey Academy. Perhaps Canada’s patriots have found the Achilles heel of the virtue-signalling globalist shill and monumental hypocrite Trudeau. All’s fair in love and war?

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