Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Globalist shill, Bronfman toady PM Justin Trudeau skips national leaders’ debate to launch campaign for Oct. 21 parliamentary election, touches down in Victoria, announces speculation tax to cool down real estate market on West Coast, Liberal Party campaign plane damaged as airport bus strikes wing, Trudeau entourage scrambles to find new aircraft, PM puts in fleeting appearance in Alberta’s capital, Calgary Sun scoffs: “Trudeau touches down in Edmonton for a shorter time than a race car driver takes to make a pit stop . . . But the faithful do not care. They . . . would cheer their lungs out if he read a page from an old Edmonton phone book”; Trudeau accused of accepting bribes from Aga Khan, resettling 60 un-rehabilitated ISIS terrorists in Canada, obstructing justice in SNC-Lavalin case; nationalist-populist leader Maxime Bernier (“Canada’s Trump”) decries exclusion from TV debate: “It won’t be a real debate if I’m not there. It will be a phony discussion where they attack each other on their superficial differences”; meanwhile Communist runs in Ontario riding: “Canada needs truly left voices in Parliament prepared to rollback corporate power, defend the interests of working people and take urgent and necessary action to avoid the worst of the climate crisis”

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Let’s see: Should I vote Liberal or Communist? Hmm. The agony of choice . . . BTW, Trudeau is a creature of the Canadian branch of the Bronfman dynasty. The American branch is up to its armpits in the sordid NXIVM sex trafficking scandal . . . whispers of Pedogate in the Great White North . . .

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