Communist Bloc Military Updates: People’s Liberation Army Air Force to contribute nuclear-capable Xian H-6K strategic bombers, JH-7A fighter bombers, J-11 fighter jets, Il-76 strategic airlifters and Z-10 attack helos for Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s Center 2019 “anti-terrorist” exercises, to be held in Russia’s Orenburg Oblast between Sept. 16-21; Russian Air Force, PLAAF carried out first-ever joint long-range bomber patrol over NE Asia last July; Serbian air defense troops travel to Russia’s Astrakhan Oblast to hold combined drill Slavic Shield 2019 on Sept. 11, practice repelling “simulated massive aerial strike and perform test launches in difficult conditions,” while Belgrade welcomes military delegation from Red China, plans to take delivery of nine Chengdu Pterodactyl-1 (Wing Loong) armed aerial drones, Serbian DM Aleksandar Vulin says UCAVs “will greatly strengthen the Serbian military, which will gain capabilities it has not had in the past”; 4,000 Belarusian soldiers deployed to Mulino testing range in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, take part in regular Union Shield maneuvers with Russian counterparts between Sept. 13-19, accompanied by 30 tanks, 80 armored combat vehicles, 50 MLRS

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To wax literary, the convergence of SCO/CSTO/Union State troops in Russia is highly reminiscent of the final scenes in The Lord of the Rings, in which the Orcs, Easterlings and Southrons assemble their armies in Mordor except, in the case of Russia, Putin is the Dark Lord . . .

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