Communist Bloc Military Updates: Proxy ground war looms in S. America as US ally Colombia places its military on alert in response to Venezuela—which is allied with Russia, Red China and Cuba—deploying 150,000 troops, tanks and missile launchers to W. state of Tachira under guise of “exercises”; Colombia’s top general Luis Navarro: “As for the exercises that the Venezuelan regime is carrying out … we are on a special alert. We have been openly threatened”; US special envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, rumbles: “If there are cross-border attacks from Venezuela to Colombia . . . we would fully support Colombia in that situation”; meanwhile Venezuela’s communist dictator Nicolas Maduro tweets: “The moment has come to defend our sovereignty and national peace by deploying our defense resources in full force”; 1 million Venezuelans have fled to Colombia for refuge in W. Hemisphere’s worst-ever humanitarian crisis, while Bogota accuses Caracas of harboring both ELN and FARC guerrillas; FARC’s former chief negotiator recently abandoned 2016 peace deal, announced resumption of armed conflict on Aug. 29, while Colombian MI official alleges ELN fighters attended explosives training conducted by RUSSIAN INSTRUCTORS; Pres. Iván Duque identifies real source of FARC’s threat: “We’re not witnessing the birth of a new guerrilla army, but rather the criminal threats of a band of narco-terrorists who have the protection and support of Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship”

source 1 source 2 source 3

Cold War 2.0 about to go hot in South America?

For those who believe the Communist Bloc no longer exists, let this sink in: A Colombian military intelligence official has alleged that ELN fighters were present at a Venezuelan military base in early 2019. During their visit, the Marxist guerrillas attended training sessions in military doctrine and explosives use CONDUCTED BY RUSSIAN INSTRUCTORS. This news actually appears in the MSM, although the AP reporter missed its geopolitical and ideological significance.

Remember, it has also been reported for years that Cuban officers have been embedded in Venezuela’s security and intelligence agencies while Cuban troops apparently have boots on the ground in the Bolivarian Republic.

Meanwhile, North America’s shopping mall regime experiences a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Snowflake heads explode . . .

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