USSR2 File: Potemkin ruling party United Russia loses one third of seats in Moscow City Duma during Sept. 8 election, scores only 25 of 45 seats as Communist Party of Russian Federation benefits from stagnant economy, declining living standards and dissatisfaction for Putin’s “party of power,” neo-Stalinist CPRF second-largest faction with 13 seats; Moscow regional vote occurs in conjunction with 84 others across Russia; 38-year-old Western-educated Alexei Kovalev came of age after demise of Soviet Union, shocks mother by voting Communist: “If we vote in more of them [CPRF], they’ll feel empowered and drum up more formidable resistance to United Russia. Even if we don’t agree with their ideas”; pro-Kremlin lawmaker Viktor Seliverstov blames dissident Alexei Navalny for United Russia’s trouncing: “I don’t see the effect of this so-called tactical voting. Communists aren’t smart voting — Communists are Communists”; Russia of the Future leader Navalny released from jail on Aug. 23, protested Moscow City Election Commission decision to ban 57 independent candidates, offices raided by cops on Sept. 6; 30% of participants in July 20-August 10 rallies 20-35 years old, attending Russia’s “best universities”; Russian state media watchdog (i.e., censor) accuses Google and Facebook of election meddling, hosting opposition ads; EU refuses to recognize vote held in occupied Crimea

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Communism is not so dead in the Former Soviet Union and it’s also attracting Russian Millennials, just as it is in America . . .

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