Communist Bloc Military Updates: Hong Kong garrison of People’s Liberation Army conducts “annual” rotation of troops into Special Administrative Region during early hours of Aug. 29, PRC state TV shows tanks, APCs rolling through SAR, naval vessel loaded with soldiers docking at HK port; local media interviews Dennis Kwok, member of Civic Party: “I believe it’s a deliberate posture on the part of the PLA to tell, or warn, the Hong Kong people that they may be deployed”; arrival of additional communist troops in former British Dependent Territory follows remarks from business magnate Allen Zeman, adviser to HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam: “. . . I am sure the People’s Liberation Army would come in and hopefully quell some of whatever was going on”; also follows 13 weeks of violent pro-democracy demos involving 100,000s and sparked by HK’s now-suspended extradition law, latest protest staged by HK Confederation of Trade Unions on Aug. 28, members angered by firing of Cathay Pacific cabin crew for participating in previous anti-government rallies; HK police ban march planned by Civil Human Rights Front for Aug. 31, police spokesman Kwok Pak-chung alleges violence planned

HK Liberation-Trumpsource 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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