Communist Bloc Military Updates: 1,500 Red Chinese police perform riot drills “just miles” from border with strife-torn Hong Kong on Aug. 6, practice “dealing with thousands of troublemakers,” unclear whether forces involved were People’s Police, which reports to Ministry of Public Security, or People’s Armed Police, which is branch of People’s Liberation Army; PLA Hong Kong Garrison hosts 5,000 combat troops; pro-democracy protesters respond to arrest of student leader Keith Fong by staging “laser show” on Aug. 7, direct green laser pointers at HK buildings, potential to also “blind” police cameras; HK’s pro-Beijing Chief Executive Carrie Lam refuses to resign in wake of violent general strike two days ago, warns Special Administrative Region “on the verge of a very dangerous situation,” accuses protesters of having “ulterior motives,” concludes: “I don’t think at this point in time, resignation of myself or some of my colleagues would provide a better solution”; Beijing warns Japan, South Korea and Australia against hosting US intermediate-range missiles, PRC FM spokeswoman Hua Chunying in statement: “[W]e will not allow any country to stir up troubles at our doorstep. We will take all necessary measures to safeguard national security interests”

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More than 1.5 billion people still live under single-party communist dictatorships 30 years after the Cold War “ended”:

People’s Republic of China: 1,403,500,365

Socialist Republic of Vietnam: 94,569,072

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: 25,368,620

Lao People’s Democratic Republic: 7,096,376

Republic of Cuba: 11,209,628

Meanwhile, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela has banned those opposition parties that constitute the greatest threat to its plans for domination, placing the country under a de facto communist dictatorship:

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: 31,568,179

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