WW4 File: Attack of the Drones (with hat tip to Star Wars 2): Poland accuses Russian military of launching UAVs from neighboring exclave Kaliningrad, violating Polish airspace on at least 4 occasions in 2016, latest incident occurred in late Nov. near village of Banie Mazurskie, border guards inform Polish Air Force, Polish mil expert says Russian drones on spying missions, seeking future targets; Polish DM Antoni Macierewicz makes similar accusations in May, refers to “exceptional” character of Russia’s unmanned airspace violations, announces acquisition of “1000s” of drones for new territorial defense forces, says “our combat capabilities will be such that we will able to defend ourselves against every threat”; Warsaw police detain Russian national (Spetsnaz?) near government buildings in Sept., suspect accused of operating UAV over offices of PM Beata Szydlo and President Andrzej Duda; senior Raytheon official: Poland may be granted US government export approval to buy 8 Patriot missile defence systems “within the next few months”; Warsaw also in talks to obtain Lockheed Martin’s Medium Extended Air Defense Systems; Poland spending US$5 billion to upgrade armed forces in face of Russian aggression in Ukraine

source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4 source 5

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