USA File: American Left (as predicted) ramps up anti-Trump protests morning after election; Seattle City Council member, Socialist Alternative cadre addresses rally, urges Americans to “shut down” Trump inauguration on Jan. 20, meanwhile gunman opens fire near demo in “Emerald City,” 5 wounded, 1 critically, motive unclear; 1000s of college-age agitators besiege Chicago’s Trump International Hotel and Tower, chant “No Trump! No KKK! No racist USA”; Trump adviser, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani dismisses protesters as “a bunch of crybabies”; Clinton supporters reject Hillary’s concession speech plea to accept Trump presidency with “open mind,” 65 protesters arrested in NYC after 1000s converge outside Manhattan’s Trump Tower, denounce election results; 1000s more stream through Boston, wield signs declaring “Impeach Trump,” “Abolish Electoral College”; 100s of U. of Texas students march in downtown Austin, some wear masks, wave “Communist” flag, demand “Donald Trump has got to go”; rabble rousers block U.S. Route 101 between LA, Hollywood, chant “Not my president,” “Respect all women,” traffic backs up for miles; disgruntled Californians inspired by Brexit, advocate “Calexit,” prepare to secede with world’s 6th largest economy (and US$400 billion debt); Workers’ World Party website: “The day after the election must become Day One of the resistance”

And so America’s “Second Civil War” begins. Yes, these sorry losers are entitled to protest, but they better keep it peaceful.

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