WW4 File: UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR: Russian hybrid forces in Donbas increase attacks over past 24 hours, use heavy artillery forbidden under Minsk 2 agreement, 1 Ukrainian soldier killed; Washington promotes mil-mil coop with Kiev, ATO cmdr. Lt. Gen. Homchak welcomes US Army Europe counterpart Lt. Gen. Hodges to frontline near Mariupol; Kremlin mobilizes 100,000 troops for Aug. 25-31 snap drills, beefs up military occupation of Crimea with Su-34 fighter-bombers, airborne troops (VDV), Caspian Flotilla marines; Russian analyst Pavel Felgengauer warns Putin will launch full-scale invasion of Ukraine “within next few weeks”: “[Otherwise] there is no reasonable explanation why all this was organized, because very serious forces are put forward – with real bombs, missiles, torpedoes . . . the main thing for Russia is to achieve strategic and tactical surprise . . . One would need to turn off full-scale operations in October because of the rains [in Black Sea region] and the next draft to Russian army . . . “lame duck” Obama is not interfering . . . so now it’s a unique option [i.e., opportunity]: Europe is split with BrExit, even major new sanctions would be difficult to reconcile [i.e., justify] . . . So it is a great temptation to act now . . .”

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