WW4 File: RFE/RL’s Russian-language Radio Svoboda reports: Central Bank of Russia, Russia’s Ministries of Industry, Trade and Communications adopt war footing, Russian Military-Industrial Commission checks ability to supply and repair weapons in S. Military District; Russian, Belarusian militaries jam cell phone signals in NE Poland, ruling Law and Justice party politician: “Could it be that Russians disrupt the signal on purpose?”; NATO alarmed by Russian aggression in Ukraine’s Donbas, Crimea, troubled by rash of snap military drills in Russia over past 2 years, Dep. Sec. Gen. Vershbow comments: “If there is an interest in Moscow in stability and predictability, then these exercises are not the way to go”; points out NATO has conducted no snap drills since Cold War; Polish DM Macierewicz reacts to Russia’ war footing, summons armed forces chiefs, air defense, military intelligence heads for “urgent briefing” on Aug. 25; Ukrainian HUR: Russia planning to “attack Europe” from Crimea, Tu-95 strategic bombers participated in Aug.25-31 snap drills ahead of Kavkaz 2016 exercise, conducted mock attacks against NATO in airspace over occupied Crimea, Black Sea

Back from summer vacation. Russia hasn’t launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine yet, but its military buildup around the former Soviet republic continues.

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