WW4 File: Donbas War/Syrian Civil War: Russian occupational authorities in Crimea block checkpoints to mainland Ukraine, amass troops, tanks near Dzhankoy and Armyansk, towns located in N. of peninsula; follows reports of new Russian military buildup along Ukraine’s N. and S. borders, transportation of tanks, other heavy firepower to Donbas rebels; leader of self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic barely survives assassina- tion attempt after SUV bombed, one bodyguard killed; Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate observes infighting among Moscow-backed insurgents: “[N]ow there is an ongoing struggle for power and financial flows among militants in eastern Ukraine”; Polish interior minister: Cross-border traffic with Russian exclave of Kaliningrad to remain suspended until “causes that are related to the security of the Polish state disappear”; Putin’s air campaign against ISIS continues as 6 Tu-22M3 strategic bombers fly from Russia to “deliver concentrated strike with high-explosive munitions” against militant positions near Palmyra, Syria; Syrian opposition claims Russian Air Force Su-34 strike fighters based near Latakia targeted rebel-held city of Idlib with thermite bombs, 10 civilians injured, apparent retaliation for recent failure of Assad’s troops to reclaim Aleppo

The Russian Air Force’s combat experience in Syria could easily be applied to a European war over Ukraine.

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