EU File: Turkey briefly suspends US anti-ISIS ops out of Incirlik air base after failed military coup against Erdogan government, 50 US B-61 hydrogen bombs stored at base where Turkish General Bekir Ercan Van, 9 other officers arrested on July 17 on suspicion of supporting Hizmet putschists, offering Incirlik as base to refuel fighter jets used in coup plot; 2 dozen generals, including ex-air force chief Akin Ozturk, Erdogan’s current air force adviser detained; total of 18,000 soldiers, police, judges purged in wake of shocking July 15 coup attempt; Turkish PM Binali Yildirim blames Fethullah Gulen for masterminding coup, sends dossier on Hanafi Islamic cleric to US State Dept., demands extradition of US-based Gulen; at least 194 civilians, soldiers killed after rebel troops stormed government buildings in Ankara, jets roared overhead, coup launched while Erdogan vacationing on Turkey’s SW coast; UN, EU, NATO urge Ankara to uphold rule of law amidst crackdown on Gulenists; last successful military coup in Turkey occurred in 1980, Turkish Communist Party denies serious ideological schism between AKP regime, putschists

The July 15th coup attempt was not a confrontation between ideologically conflicting centers , but involved at least two and even more state cliques with identical class identities and ideologies. . . .

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a bourgeois politician, he is an enemy of the working class, he is a counter revolutionary and he is no different than the coup plotters who wanted to topple him.
— Statement of Turkish Communist Party, July 17, 2016

US hydrogen bombs stored in unstable Islamic NATO ally. One can only grimace or wince. Take your pick.

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