WW4/Middle East Files: Syrian troops, backed by Russian airstrikes, launch “large-scale offensive” in Aleppo prov. on Nov. 10, break siege by ISIS over Kweiras air base, 1,000 soldiers holed up since 2013, bodies of “hundreds of dead extremists” litter area around military compound, AP: “first major achievement” by Assad’s forces since Russia instigated air campaign on Sept. 30; French airstrike hits Islamic State oil delivery depot in Deir Ezzor, on Syrian-Iraqi border, PM Hollande announces nuke-powered Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to be soon deployed in region “to increase the French military’s capacity for strikes in Syria and Iraq”; Russian warplanes reportedly bombed targets in Damascus suburb on Nov. 8, 24 killed in Douma district’s Kouatly market; pro-regime, opposition media reports Israeli Air Force conducted pre-dawn airstrikes at “military sites” near Damascus International Airport on Nov. 11, “loud explosions at the airport,” “rising pillars of smoke,” “electricity went out completely,” 2nd wave of Israeli airstrikes against Syrian targets in as many weeks; coalition of 7,500 Iraqi Kurdish troops, 1000s of Yazidi fighters seize strategic highway in bid to reclaim town of Sinjar from ISIS, succeed in severing Islamic State’s key transportation corridor between Syria, city of Mosul in N. Iraq, PKK makes similar claims re. disrupting ISIS supply routes; US State Dept. salvages relationship with fellow NATO member Turkey, denies supplying ammo to Syrian Kurdish YPG militias, Toner: “We will not and we cannot … tolerate any help to any PKK-related groups in Syria or in Iraq”

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