WW4/Middle East Files: Syrian troops drive back ISIS, recapture key supply route heading to Aleppo, Sunni militants seized checkpoint on Oct. 23, still control “large swathe of territory to the east and north-east of the city”; 1,000 fighters from US-armed Syrian Arab Coalition capture 200 sq km of territory from ISIS in NE Syria, 80 Islamic State guerrillas killed; Russian Air Force’s top cmdr admits shipping anti-aircraft missiles to Syria to support campaign against anti-Assad forces, refuses to comment on type, quantity, but could potentially shoot down US, NATO warplanes in spite of safety protocols; US spy sats, ELINT, HUMINT: Number of Russian mil personnel in Syria has doubled since airstrikes launched on Sept. 30, now 4,000; Pentagon official: “Russian aircraft are now operating out of four bases, but [MRLS] . . . crews and long-range artillery batteries are deployed outside the facilities”; Russia’s main base for 34 fixed-wing aircraft at Bassel al-Assad International Airport near Latakia, helicopter gunships deployed to Hama, Sharyat, Tiyas; USA says on-board bomb likely downed Russian airliner, en route to St. Petersburg from Sharm el-Sheikh on Oct. 30, killing 224 over Sinai Peninsula; ISIS’ Egyptian affiliate claimed responsibility, but Kremlin dismisses bomb claim; follows threats by Syria’s Islamic rebels to attack Russian “occupiers,” previous threats by ISIS in 2014 to “liberate Chechnya,” assassinate Putin

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