WW4/Middle East Files: Lebanese media report Israeli Air Force sortie attacked Hezbollah missile convoy in Qalamoun Mtns. in W. Syria, stories vary on “exact targets and location of strikes”; Syria’s state media claims Israeli warplanes hit “several Hezbollah targets in S. Syria,” opposition claims IAF conducted 2 strikes against Hezbollah, pro-Assad forces near Damascus (city or prov. unclear); Israeli Defense Ministry tight-lipped (as usual) over news of strikes, first since Russia began air campaign against Assad’s enemies on Sept 30; IAF repulsed by Russian warplanes while flying over N. Lebanon on Oct. 1, follows deal by Putin, Netanyahu to set up military hotline, avoid clashes over war-torn Syria; Fox News cites “Western intelligence sources” in exclusive report: Russian cargo planes helped Iran deliver weapons to Syria‘s Assad, landed twice a day in Latakia during last 10 days of Oct., unregistered flights personally coordinated by Quds Force cmdr. Qassem Soulimeini, Putin, Russian DM Shoigu; Iranian airliner Mahan Air (as reported in previous posts) flying military personnel from Tehran to Latakia “several times a day”

source 1 source 2 source 3


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