WW4/Middle East Files: Russian airstrikes kill rebel cmdr in Syria’s Latakia prov., 4 other insurgents, at least 15 civilians, First Coastal Div. affiliated with Free Syrian Army, one of several CIA-trained groups that received Saudi mil support, i.e., US-made TOW anti-tank missiles; Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says Russian air campaign has killed 370 people since launch on Sept. 30, 1/3 dead being civilians; Pentagon once again urges US Air Force pilots to avoid Russian warplanes over Syria, Kremlin pilots increasingly aggressive over war-torn ME country, lately coming within 500 and 1,500 ft. of US fighter jets; Russian General Staff boasts navy’s Mediterranean task force can “deliver strikes” against ISIS positions in Syria, just as Caspian flotilla did with muscle-flexing cruise missile barrage on Oct. 7; Turkish PM says UAV shot down by air force Russian made, but possibly operated by Syrian regime or PKK-linked Syrian Kurdish PYD militia; Miami-based Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies shrugs off Havana’s denial of report re. Cuban troops in Syria, think tank director: “I wouldn’t expect anything different from Cuba,” urges Cuba watchers to wait for “further statements from US intelligence or secretary of defense”; Senate Judiciary Cmte chairman reacts to ICCAS report, Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) pens letter to Pres. Obama: “It’s disconcerting that in light of your new relationship with Cuba, the Castro regime has chosen to align with Russia and Iran in supporting Assad in Syria”

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