WW4/Middle East Files: Turkish Air Force responds to 2nd airspace violation in as many days by Russian warplane bombing Syrian rebels, NATO Sec. Gen.: “Intelligence that we have received provides me with reason to say it doesn’t look like an accident”; unidentified fighter jet flying along Syrian side of border with Turkey on Sept. 5 placed 8 Turkish F-16s patrolling region on “radar lock” (i.e., for target shootdown); Stoltenberg comments on Assad’s, Putin’s plans for ground offensive against US-backed factions: “[There is a] substantial buildup of Russian forces in Syria,” including “ground troops in connection with the air base they have”; US intel IDs at least 6 Russian artillery pieces in port of Latakia, 4 BM-30 MLRSs between Homs and Idlib, W. of Idlib, observes truck-, aircraft-mounted EW equipment that can potentially jam NATO electronics; head of Russia’s Duma Defense Cmte reveals “volunteers” (i.e., mercs who aided 2014 Crimean takeover) heading for Syria to fight for Assad, Komoyedov also said Black Sea Fleet could blockade Syrian coast, shell rebels; senior US official tells WSJ that Russia purposely attacking CIA-trained anti-regime forces: “On day one, you can say it was a one-time mistake. But on day three and day four, there’s no question it’s intentional”; 41 insurgent groups in Syria release manifesto urging defeat of Russian “occupiers”: “The Russian military aggression on Syria is considered a blatant occupation of the country . . . [and] is a legitimate target”

Syrian Civil War Map_9-27-15

Map of Syrian civil war, showing regime, rebel, US and Russian positions as of September 27, 2015.

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